Your Team at Taylors

It was in October 1968 that Ron Taylor took the bold step to set up in the Garage business with his wife Marlene.  After looking at various sites the couple settled on premises in Clifton village that were available on a six-month lease. They soon made a success of their new venture buying the premises outright less than two years later and as word spread of the excellent level of service on offer it wasn't long before bigger and better facilities were called for. Faced with the problem of building a new garage on the site of the old one without disrupting business would have given many people a headache. Not Ron Taylor though as he quickly hit on the idea of building the new structure around and over the old one!

A report in the Lancashire Evening Post Newspaper of the day details the story of how the project was completed with Ron himself doing his fair share of the work in helping Blackpool builder Frank Kay. Now firmly ensconced in their new premises R.D. & A.M. Taylor, as the business was known, went from strength to strength before a change in circumstances brought about a change in name in 1994.

Their son Duncan had embarked on a career in the design department at Leyland Truck & Bus but that company's merger with Dutch rivals DAF meant Duncan had to relocate to Holland or find new employment. When Ron offered him a position in the family business, he jumped at it and so the company name was changed to 

Taylors Garage Clifton the name it bears to this very day.

Duncan Taylor - " Lieutenant General"  (The main man!) 

Hi, my name is Duncan, I’m a Director at Taylors Garage. I have worked here as man and boy. My mum used to bring me in when I was sat in my pram to help with oil and filter changes. When my Dad was busy I used to help out with wheel bearing changes as well and my Mum used to push me to each side in my pram. I used to rally cars with my friends and was the most successful driver in the north west, so I retired at the top, some years ago! My hobbies now are raising lambs and donkeys.

Adam Taylor - " The Brigadier " (Second in command)

Adam Taylor, has been working alongside his father Duncan as a Director, for the last few years. In his previous employment he was a chassis engineer at M-Sport. Latterly as a Director of his own company Taylors Motorsport. Adam like his father participated in rallying, but the fastest thing he now drives is his ride on lawn mower!

Sarah - " The Real Boss around here"

Hi, I’m Sarah, the secretary at Taylors Garage. I have been working here for over 5 years. I am responsible for getting you booked in with your vehicle. I also oversee the ordering of parts right through to the preparing of your invoice. My job is varied and one that I enjoy.

Dale - Still working hard towards the prestige "Taylors Long-Service Medal

Dale has been with us since he completed his apprenticeship, many moons ago… a long time since we saw that shiny suit! The one and only apprentice who has turned up for an interview in a suit! Dale is a great asset to the garage and his rapport with customers is second to none. His strengths are diagnostics and mechanical repairs

Harry - Is so keen to become a qualified Taylor mechanic he arrives at work an hour before we open!

Harry has just come off set from Ice Age, with his buddy Manny. He is currently undertaking his apprenticeship at Preston College and spends one day a week there whilst the other days are learning on the job alongside the mechanics. He is enjoying his training and can’t wait to be a fully trained mechanic

Kris - The original Passport photo. (please inform a member of staff if you catch Kris smiling) 

Kris is also relatively new to Taylors Garage and joined at the same time as Glenn. He is also an experienced mechanic and has recently had his own garage in the centre of Preston. His strengths are mechanical repairs.

Glenn - You'll always find his head in an engine bay, Glenn has a keen eye for finding the fault.

Glenn is relatively new to Taylors Garage and joined us at the beginning of December 2023. He is an experienced mechanic and spent the majority of his working career working for main dealers, such as Audi and Arnold Clark. His strengths are diagnostics amongst many.